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When travelling to Cuba as a citizen of Germany, you must meet the following terms and requirements concerning visa, immigration procedures or maximum duration of stay.

Passport required

Passports and other documents accepted for entry must be valid on arrival.

Visa required

except for Passengers with a Tourist Card (Tarjeta del Turista) issued to visitors traveling as tourists.


WARNING! In accordance with European Union (EU) Legislation, all minors who are nationals of Germany will be expected to hold their own passport or National ID Card (where applicable) when departing from Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Romania or a Schengen Member State [READ MORE].

Additional Information

Tourist Cards (Tarjeta del Turista) must be obtained prior to arrival in Cuba. They are [READ MORE]
Tourist Cards (Tarjeta del Turista) grant a max. stay of 30 days to nationals of Germany, and extension of stay for additional 30 days.
The length of stay must be covered by USD 50.- [READ MORE]


Visitors not holding return/onward tickets and other documents required for their destination could be refused entry.
All visitors are required to hold travel insurance to cover their medical expenses while in Cuba. The travel insurance must be bought before departure to Cuba.
Former nationals of Cuba who left Cuba before 1971 must [READ MORE]
Neither visa exemptions nor Tourist Card (Tarjeta del Turista) facilities are applicable to those holding foreign passports stating Cuba as place of birth. They will [READ MORE]

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